Imagine watching the hottest new TV show and hearing one of your songs. Or shopping in your favorite store and hearing your music playing the background. Music Maven Agency makes that happen for artists every day. We review your music and give an honest assessment of marketability. Then we secure licensing deals that lead to your music being played in TV shows and movies; as well as international store locations. We also present songs for sync licensing opportunities in TV ad campaigns, brand web videos, etc.

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Our Music Mavens personally present songs to TV and film producers, Music Supervisors, Ad Agencies and the individuals who select music for thousands of international retail, hospitality and restaurant brands.

In the past 12 months, we have placed songs with brands including:
Tory Burch
St. John
Hilton Hotels
Bon Ton
FedEx Office
Garden Ridge

WHAT’S IN IT FOR ARTISTS and LABELS? A new revenue stream. We present your music to our TV, Film and Agency contacts and YOU collect royalties and licensing fees. Your music will be exposed to audiences far beyond radio and web streaming. You can also publicize and leverage your music placement to create new licensing opportunities. TV, Film, in-store and ad placement are added touch points with existing fans… and the perfect way to attract new fans.

FOR MORE INFO & MUSIC PLACEMENT RATES, contact us using the form below:


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